Blossoms Rosedale has been delivering beauty since the early '80s when it developed its trademark classic style for Fenton's restaurant, famous for its indoor landscaping and stunning floral arrangements, where one could dine beside an open fire under an olive tree and gaze at the parrot tulips and make believe it wasn't minus 30°C outside.

The mother-daughter team of Elisabeth and Deborah Reid grew into the go-to shop in Rosedale, one of Toronto's prestigious neighbourhoods, and in the following years they were joined by daughter-sibling Rivers. After 32 years, the shop migrated to a large studio space just west of Lytton Park.  From there, the beauty continues to blossom by Rivers' hand-picked florists who continue the thriving BR legacy for every day gifts, holidays, and the Terrain Flowers event and wedding experts.  The collaboration boasts 18 years as the Official Floral Sponsor of The National Ballet of Canada.

Blossoms Rosedale's philosophy of "jewels in a vase" continues to delight and surprise an ever more online savvy third generation of sophisticated customers with a curated choice of market fresh seasonal blooms, flowering plants, and a selection of contemporary succulents for these modern times.