Valentine's is in full bloom at Blossoms Roseda

Of all the seasons to enjoy flowers indoors the most, this is it.  

This winter, get things started by celebrating the love in your life on Wednesday February 14th and then tuck in for a cozy winter refreat for Family Day Weekend (the 17th to the 19th).

We are particularly inclined to jewel tones and an abundance of roses in many  shades and colours and combinations.  Naturally,  crimson roses by the dozen are a classic choice (or a couple of dozen if you are so inclinded).  

For this floral holiday, pre-empt spring with favourites like viburnum, hyacinth (for the fragrance lover) and tulips (even though they are truly a spring thing), when display en mass using a fireworks of 30 or 40 stems in two or three colours.  

Spend a moment visiting our site and let us know how we can help.  And oh, by the way, have a Happy Valentine's weekend!

To send gorgeous flowers today or any day soon, call 416-960-8903 or click here to order online.  

Naturally, you can always e-mail us at info@blossomsrosedale.com - we look forward to hearing from you!